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16 Benefits of Dovetail HR Service Delivery

As reported by Dovetail Customers


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the ultimate guide to hr case management



Reduce Costs of HR Service Delivery

At the top of any list of HR objectives you’ll usually find the ongoing requirement to reduce the cost of delivering HR services to employees. Many of these organizations are using outdated, or antiquated systems to manage their employee inquiries, questions and requests. They may also be using on-premise solutions that have high maintenance costs. A modern HR Case Management technology solution, such as Dovetail HR, eliminates these issues, as it has a lower total cost of ownership (compared with on-premise solutions), enables HR to optimize the allocation of HR Service Delivery resources, and makes possible the continual improvement of HR Service Delivery processes.

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Free-up Time and Resources

By adopting an Employee Portal engagement platform with employee self-service functionality, inbound calls into HR can be cut by over 50%, as employees are provided the tools to answer their own questions. This frees up valuable HR resource for other activities. Efficiencies are further increased by deploying the HR Case Management and Knowledge Management solutions as time consuming activities associated with the management of employee inquiries using (shared email inboxes and spreadsheet trackers) are eliminated.

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Enhance the Employee Experience

The Employee Experience (EX) is about improving the employee’s perception of the entire employee journey, from first contact, as a potential recruit and subsequent duration of service, through to the employee's last interaction with the company, after the end of employment. This means the employee's experience of HR services has a significant impact on the employee’s perception of your company (as all employees will experience HR services at some point during their tenure). By providing employees with efficient management of inquiries, fast response times and consistency of service, HR Case Management, Employee Portal and Knowledge Management technology enables HR to offer their employees an outstanding service experience.

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Increase Employee Engagement

For reasons such as reducing staff turnover, improving productivity and efficiency, retaining talent, and making higher profits, keeping employees engaged in the workplace is a key strategic objective for organizations today. By providing employees with a consumer-grade Employee Portal experience, with features such as Instant Knowledge Search, FAQs, Ask HR Questions and rich content communications, Dovetail’s HR Case Management technology enables HR Service Delivery teams to deliver engaging employee experiences.

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Increase HR and Employee Productivity

Implementing a consumer-grade Employee Portal can reduce calls into HR by 50%, freeing up HR time for more strategic, higher value-added activities. The employee spends less time searching for answers to their questions, and experiences faster case resolution. This means less time spent by the employee on administrative tasks and more time spent on their core work activities. Furthermore, by providing a more efficient way to manage employee requests and inquiries, Dovetail’s HR Case Management system reduces the necessary time spent on HR activities by 40% (according to insight generated by Dovetail). On average, Dovetail’s HR Case Management, Employee Portal and Knowledge Management solution can increase efficiency of HR Service Delivery operations by over 30%.

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HR in Control

With Dovetail’s HR Case Management solution you’ll never have to raise a change request ticket for adhoc system changes with IT again. This is because Dovetail's HR Case Management solution puts HR in control of employee HR service management. We know system change requests, such as the addition of a new case type, a new user, or a change in workflow can take days or even weeks to resolve, and sometimes even require IT signoff. That's why we designed and built Dovetail for HR, placing you in complete administrative control, with the ability to make changes at your own pace, and see instant results. Backed up by Dovetail’s 24/7 Support team to walk you through changes if needed, HR is always in control.

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Improve Team Collaboration

Dovetail’s HR Case Management technology makes it possible for your HR personnel to communicate and collaborate with each other during the management of an employee's case, request or question. Using features such as Team Queues, Child cases and Workflow, HR teams can easily collaborate around cases for faster and more effective resolutions. This saves your HR personnel having to email colleagues, go from office to office (to speak to each other) or leave voicemails for colleagues, every time there is a need to collaborate around a case. Valuable time is saved and the way your teams work together is enhanced.

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Never Lose Track of Employee Inquiries

Is losing track of employee requests and inquiries having a negative impact on your service delivery? With Dovetail's inbuilt CRM database, Automated Workflow, Audit Trail and Advanced Reporting functionality, you'll never lose track of an HR case again. With no more employee questions or requests falling through the 'spreadsheet cracks', or time wasted searching for them, you'll increase team productivity, achieve compliance and improve the employee's experience of HR services.

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Eliminate Spreadsheet Trackers

Stop using inefficient spreadsheet trackers to track questions from employees, or tasks for HR. For companies with over 500 employees, spreadsheet technology is not the tool for managing and tracking employee requests and inquiries. Cases fall through the cracks, taking time and energy to locate, which is not only frustrating for your team but negatively impacts the quality of service you offer your employees. It can even result in compliance issues that cause an even bigger impact for your business and operations.

Dovetail HR Case Management solves these issues with a plethora of features including Email to Case Automation, Advanced Configurable Workflows, Case Tracking, and Reporting.

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No More Shared Inboxes

Shared inboxes can lead to employee cases going missing, a lack of case tracking and reduced case visibility. This inefficiency negatively affects your HR service delivery and employee satisfaction. Dovetail’s modern HR Case Management solution eliminates these issues with automated email to case creation and updating, advanced tracking functionality and robust reporting capabilities, ensuring your HR service teams are equipped to deliver outstanding employee service management. 

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HR Service Scalability on Demand

Dovetail’s SaaS technology enables fast, easy HR Service scalability ‘on-demand’, which means when your business grows, or more users need to access the service, you won’t have the headache of lengthy (and costly) upgrade projects, or require significant increases in HR personnel. For example, if your organization increases its number of employees because of a new company acquisition, HR can immediately engage and communicate with them through the Employee Portal, cutting inbound employee questions by over 50%. So while your company scales up, the demand on HR resource is limited compared with a more traditional solution, such as a Shared Inbox (where HR may find it has to scale up the size of the HR team in line with the number of new employees). Furthermore, the Dovetail HR Case Management technology auto-scales based on the demand you generate, giving you piece of mind, and one less thing to worry about.

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Automate HR Processes

Automated workflow technology is at the heart of Dovetail’s HR Case Management solution. Having decades of experience of its development and implementation, Dovetail is a leader in Automated Workflow Processing. Thanks to our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) heritage, we have been able to bring the best of CRM, including Automation, into the world of HR.

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Reduce Employee Inquiries by Over 50%

By adopting Dovetail’s Employee Portal with self-service functionality as part of your HR Case Management solution, you can reduce the number of employee cases by as many as 50%. This is because employees are provided with the means by which they can find the answers to their own questions. The result is that valuable HR resource can be allocated to more strategic activities, which helps improve team productivity.

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Total Visibility of HR Service Management

Having difficulty monitoring your HR Service Delivery team's activities? Is generating management reports a weekly or monthly headache? With Dovetail's Advance Reporting & Analytics you gain total visibility of all your work. By being able to easily pull together all the information concerning your employee questions, HR team tasks, and their case activities, you can analyse data and create insights that drive continuous improvement in HR service delivery.

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Fast Implementation and Easy Upgrades

Dovetail can set up and implement a complete HR Case Management, Employee Portal and Knowledge Management solution within as little as 4 weeks. This is because it is a ‘true’ cloud SaaS solution which has many advantages over the traditional on-premise software installations, including quick setup and implementation, easy upgrades, internet accessibility and easy ‘on-demand’ scalability. Combined with our expert Implementation Practitioners, a Dovetail HR Case Management, Employee Portal and Knowledgement Management solution is professionally managed and quick to get up and running.

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Quarterly Platform Updates

By combining the advantages of SaaS technology with Dovetail’s Innovation Roadmap, our customers receive timely, relevant and hassle-free upgrades to their HR Case Management solution every quarter. This ensures customers always have the latest, cutting-edge solution in place, without the hassle and cost of traditional on-premise upgrade projects. 

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