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HR Case Management

Modernizing the way you manage, track, and report employee requests

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Dovetail HR Case Management

What is HR Case Management?

Sometimes called HR Helpdesk, HR Case Management enables HR teams and HR Service Centers to more efficiently manage incoming employee inquiries and questions - improving the operational efficiency of HR Service Delivery, enabling automated workflows, providing better case tracking and reporting capabilities - including personalized dashboards.

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Dovetail HR Case Management

HR Home Console

The HR Home Console or Dashboard provides the HR team with full visibility on their workload. Case data is segregated based on the HR profile and/ or Case lifecycle stage, ensuring employee data security is fully maintained. HR team members and team leaders can monitor Service Level Agreements, Priorities and Urgency of employee questions and take immediate action.

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Case Creation

When an employee contacts HR with a question, the HR team member will either update an existing case or create a new case. The Dovetail Case creation screen will show the HR team member if an existing case exists automatically. The HR team member will also have instant knowledge results, and full visibility of the employee's HCM core data.

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“With a Shared Inbox we ran into issues when people were out and we’re trying to get into their work. It was felt that an HR case management system was “a natural evolution” from a shared inbox solution. One of the reasons we selected Dovetail was their ability to integrate seamlessly with emails.”
Kevin Mendonsa
Kevin Mendonsa
Global Head HR Shared Services, Operations & Technology
Morgan Stanley Capital Investments



Improvement in HR Responsiveness with Dovetail



Increase in First Contact Resolution with Dovetail



Drop in incoming HR Cases with Dovetail

Case Tracking & Escalation

Dovetail allows you to monitor, track and resolve cases. During the case lifecycle there will be times when a case will need to be escalated to a senior HR team member or team leader. Dovetail allows for automated escalation workflows, or manual escalation. Relevant HR members and employees are kept informed with emails and notifications that are automatically generated.

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Emails & Notes

Collaboration made easy. Enhance your email interactions with your employees, and log employee phone call interactions on the case. Our fully integrated email client supports images, tables, fonts, bullets, links and more, making your HR team even more productive. Emails are automatically added to cases along with attachment(s). Incoming and outgoing phone calls are also attached to the case - no more lost post-it notes!

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As part of our strategic plan, it was decided we needed a Service Center with Ulrich model approach and this drove the requirement for an HR case management system, as it was recognized that our current spreadsheet/shared inbox solution would not be fit for purpose. We did our research into HR Case Management providers, finding Dovetail in the main industry reports such as the Gartner report, Sierra-Cedar HR Survey, as well as Google search where we found Dovetail to be highly ranked. In total we evaluated 5 providers, selecting Dovetail based on superior value for money, its HR focus and its ease of use.
Dietrich Warner
Dietrich Warner
HR Director
Boston University


Quite often you will be answering the same question more than once. With Templates you have fast access to pre-worded emails and notes, that can not only save HR team members time, but also provide a consistent response to your employees.

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Adoption rate of HR Case Management solutions by HR



More employees served by HR to employee ratio with HR Case Management


Average number of functions served within the HR Shared Service team

Audit Timeline

One of the key advantages of the Dovetail system is the full audit trail capabilities. Any interaction that happens on a case will be logged to the case timeline. Who did What, When was it done, What was the previous Value and What is the New Value. This level of detail provides your HR team with accurate chronological events that occured against the case. The timeline may be used to find bottlenecks or to help with employee disputes.

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Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Imagine having 10 HR cases to work on but not knowing which order to solve them? Do you work on the oldest case or the case from the head of finance? Now imagine that across your entire HR Service Delivery team!

Dovetail SLAs applied through workflow to your cases will auto prioritize themselves on the HR Home Console based on your HR team KPIs and metrics. Your HR team members simply work each case from top down to maximum departmental SLA performance.

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Dovetail stood out because of its flexibility, look and feel and knowledge management capabilities. Also my fear was that we were going to be buying something that would have been seen as just a ticketing system. I didn’t want it to be that type of system and I knew Dovetail was very much a departure from that. Plus a lot of the systems could only track cases, they didn’t have the knowledge management piece. That’s what differentiates Dovetail from the group of vendors we were looking at. The others were building on incident management systems that IT would use. Dovetail was definitely more aligned with what HR wanted.
Jeremy Stewart
Jeremy Stewart
HR Project Manager

Workflow Automation

One of the top benefits cited by our customers is the ability to automate HR processes. With Dovetail Workflow Automation your HR Service Delivery processes can be configured and automated to save time and better serve your employees.

Simple processes such as automated notification to employees on case create through to complex parallel workflow logic can be configured.

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HCM Integration

Have instant access to HR data for each employee all on one screen when working a case. This reduces the time to look up key information about your employees from various HR systems across various HR screens. Customers cited on average they were looking across five HR screens in their HCM application to build the same picture. The HR data shown to the HR team members is based on their profile and the employee that is being viewed. 

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More Features

GDPR & Privacy

Fully compliant with the GDPR principles, allowing employee purge, data redaction, legal hold and data retention policies.


Mass communicate to your employees key HR announcements such as policy changes or new hires. Track employee acknowledgments and employee responses.


Record tangible and intangible assets against employees such as cars, credit cards, phones, certifications.


Store employee files, or case attachments automatically inside Dovetail. Automated virus scanning ensures you are fully protected.

Over 30 Languages

Designed global at the core, new translations are added on demand quickly. Customers are assured their employee language needs are taken care of which provides for a better employee experience.

Out of Box Reports

Over 50 pre built out of box reports delivered and more created during an implementation. Customers may also make copies of these reports along with new reports and style for their brand.

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