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Employee Relations for HR

Digitally document and manage employee relations issues, including workplace conflicts, grievances, disciplinary actions, discrimination and harassment cases and affirmative action cases

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HR teams that are responsible for handling serious Employee Relations issues such as conflict, grievances and disciplinaries, as well as discrimination, harassment and affirmative action, need modern digital Employee Relations case management technology with capabilities such as investigation tracking, collaboration tools, tailored Employee Relations templates, and data security. 

Dovetail HR Service Delivery applications including HR Case Management, Employee Portal, HR Knowledge Management and HR Reporting & Analytics, provide HR teams with these capabilities, as well as other advanced Employee Relations features.

The Dovetail Advantage

This means that Dovetail can take care of your HR Service Delivery and Employee Relations needs at the same time, giving you the advantage of one integrated system for all your HR Service Management and Employee Relations requirements. Find out more below and in our blog post, 10 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs Employee Relations Software Today.

Dovetail Employe Relations Console


Employee Relations Technology for the Modern World

The modern world is being redefined by the COVID-19 pandemic. From vast swathes of employees now working from home, to the ubiquitous wearing of face masks, the world has changed forever. Employee Relations is no different. Research by Linklaters, the global law firm, shows US litigation risks for employers are rising from the ‘employer-employee’ relationship. 

Dovetail HR Service Delivery technology, with advanced Employee Relations features, is helping corporations properly manage employee issues and mitigate the employment litigation risk, as well as other risks associated with ER issues.

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"Honestly, Dovetail’s configuration capabilities are great. It was clear to me that the system had been designed by people who knew that Employee Relations and HR staff work in an ambiguous, ‘gray world’. In ER it’s difficult to say ‘when this happens, that happens’ every time. It's not that black and white. I love that the ER team has control of the Dovetail system. That is, we can adjust and configure the system to our needs. We were having to submit a ticket and then wait for months and months for a resolution, all the while going back and forth with IT support. It was painful to make a change unlike Dovetail where we have the power to make changes by ourselves."
Jessica Berdaguer
Jessica Berdaguer
Leave & Accommodation Partner
Swire Coca-Cola



Potential financial risk to an employer, if the employer loses summary judgment in an Employee Relations discrimination case



Charges of workplace discrimination received by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in 2019



of workplace discrimination charges received by the U.S. EEOC were due to race discrimination

Benefits of Dovetail
Employee Relations Technology

Never Lose Track of

Record, manage and keep track of Employee Relations cases and investigations with inbuilt tracking capabilities.

Reduce 'Employer-Employee'
Litigation Risk

Dovetail HR Service Delivery applications, with advanced Employee Relations features, provides a safe, secure and permission-based data repository for all employee-employer cases and associated information and documents.

Help ER Investigators Stick to Deadlines

Features such as call-back, reminder alerts and popups, enable the use of driven events, and email reminders of case progress and looming deadlines.

Digitize & Store

Digitize, store and attach files, emails and other documents containing employee concerns (and responses to concerns) in a central database, accessible only to those with the right permissions.



Clear & Transparent 
Employee Communications

Dovetail's HR Service Delivery Employee Portal provides the communications platform HR need in order to respond to employee issues with structured, consistent and transparent communications. This helps keep employees informed and educated on company policies and procedures.

Gain Actionable Insight
from Reporting & Analytics

With Dovetail’s Real-time Smart Dashboards you can understand what’s behind the issues related to your organization’s culture, policies, and leadership, generating actionable insights from in-depth analysis and data interpretation.

Applications and Features

Create, Assign, Manage and Never Lose Track of Investigations

Dovetail's HR Service Delivery applications with advanced Employee Relations features, enable you to create and assign cases fast, storing this information in a central database, accessible from multiple locations. All investigations are systematically managed, monitored and tracked as they progress through the ER case lifecycle. In so doing, you can ensure your Employee Relations process is both consistent and fair.

Click below to take a tour of Dovetail's Employee Relations capabilities and proactively manage employee issues today.

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Reduce Litigation Risk

According to the global law firm, Linklaters, US litigation risks for employers are rising from the ‘employer-employee’ relationship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Data privacy issues around COVID-19, breach of contract claims, and alleged violations of employment laws and regulations, are all cause for concern among employers.

Dovetail's HR Service Delivery Employee Relations features help HR by providing a safe and secure, permission-based data repository for all employee-employer cases and associated information and documents. It also provides an Employee Communications Portal that keeps employees up to date with all the latest HR policies and company guidelines, helping to mitigate the risk of an employee claiming 'lack of information' in an ER case.

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Help Investigators Stick to Deadlines

Dovetail’s HR Case Management Notification feature includes functions such as call-back, reminder alerts and popups, which facilitates both the use of user driven events and application driven events. It can send email reminders of case progress and looming deadlines to case handlers. The case handler can also regulate the frequency of notifications to remain in control of notification related activities.

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Digitize & Store Documentation

Documentation of employee concerns, HR/Investigator responses, and the associated outcomes, are critical to successful Employee Relations. For example, during a misconduct case, a company’s ability to defend or take employment action depends on its documentation of the communications it has had with the employee. Dovetail provides HR with the means to digitize, store and attach files, emails and other documents in a central database, accessible only to those with the right permissions.

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Live Chat & Guided Bots

It’s important that responses to employee issues are structured, consistent and transparent and that employees are regularly informed and educated on company policies, particularly those relating to equal employment opportunities, anti-retaliation, and anti-discriminatory practices. Dovetail’s Employee Portal provides HR with the communications platform they need to ensure employees are kept up to date with company policies. This helps your organization avoid the risk of employees taking litigation action, due to having a lack of information.

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“We are very consistent now about making sure all the Employee Relations investigations data and performance management plans are entered into Dovetail, so that we can track in detail what’s going on with each one of those investigations, or performance improvement plans.”
Michelle Fry
Director Human Resources
CNO Financial

Integrate with Your HRIS Systems

With Dovetail’s HR Service Delivery applications, connecting to your existing HR systems is easy. Using Dovetail’s HCM Connector your HRIS technology can seamlessly connect with Dovetail's software, meaning there's no need to re-enter data that already exists in your HR system.

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Gain Insight and Spot Trends Using Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Understand what’s behind the issues related to your organization’s culture, policies, and leadership. With Dovetail’s Real-time Smart Dashboards you can dive deep and analyze your data by individual employee, demographics, issue type, and other variables, such as line manager, department and outcomes. Using advanced search capabilities you can reveal trends in employee behavior and understand how to better manage recurring issues. Customized ER reports can help you stay alert to employee issues such as frequent complaints and grievances.

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Ensure Data Security & Confidentiality

Employers must keep employee personal data safe, secure and up to date, and perhaps there is no more important time that this is adhered to than during an ER case. For example, in a grievance case, where sensitive data could include names of accused, a description of the allegation, and summary of evidence that confirms or denies the allegation, it is critical that case data is kept safe, secure, confidential and accessible only to those with the right permissions. Click the request demo link below to find out more about Dovetail data security features.

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“We can type employee case data directly into Dovetail, then check on case status, follow up with the manager of the employee, ensuring all the documentation is in Dovetail before we close the case.”
Employee Relations Investigator
Dovetail Financial Services Customer

More Benefits & Features

Stay in Compliance

Stay in compliance by accessing features such as XpertHR, which provides expert legal advice in Employee Relations cases, helping reduce the number of employee issues and complaints.

Remote Working From Anywhere

Dovetail's SaaS-based technology architecture enables you, and your teams, to work remotely from anywhere.

Collaboration Tools for Investigators

Dovetail collaboration features including Team Queues, Child Cases and Workflow Automation, enable secure and confidential collaboration, even when working remotely.

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