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Emergency Management Response - Applications for HR (COVID-19)

Employee Symptom Checking, Tracking, and Contact Tracing Simplified

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Read the ultimate guide to contact tracing

HR are the front line for questions, fears, and anxieties from the entire workforce. Never has this been more evident than during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The increase in questions from employees to HR is unprecedented. Our customers have seen increases from 40% to over 250% of additional workload since February 2020. With workers expected to return to the workplace, new fears, questions and laws have arisen. Country, State, and local laws are requiring employers to take certain measures to safely bring back employees to work. Dovetail provides Applications for HR that promote health and safety in the workplace during these unprecedented times.

Click the video link below to see our new COVID-19 Check, Track, and Trace applications.

Dovetail Check, Track and Trace

Ensure the health and safety of your workforce and comply with state and local laws. Monitor and check-in with isolated and quarantined employees, and provide health screening and contact tracing to trace back all employee interactions, in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Click the links below to check if your state or local laws require employee screening, and symptom checks.

Link to Ogletree PDF for State Laws

Link to Littler blog for Statewide Orders

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"Dovetail has been an instrumental tool during the switch to remote working due to COVID-19."
Tina Aquilini-Batten
Tina Aquilini-Batten
HR Operations Manager
Tower Health
"Using Dovetail, we built out a separate COVID-19 resource page all around childcare, pay practices and different HR policies for our leaders. All these resources needed updating because of the coronavirus pandemic. So it’s really been great that we have the Dovetail Employee Portal for this."
Krissy Murdock
Krissy Murdock
HR Shared Services Director
Memorial Hermann



Number of COVID19-related Questions Deflected with Employee Portal



Increase in Case Volume
due to COVID19-related Questions



COVID19-related Questions per month for Every 1,000 Employees

Benefits of Dovetail
Employee Emergency Management

Faster, More Responsive
Employee Communications

Rapidly implement technology to help communicate faster with employees, reducing employee wait time for important information, and more quickly putting their minds at ease

More Efficient Employee
Case Management

Manage the sharp increase in coronavirus-related questions and incidents, improving response times while handling more calls

COVID-19 Metrics,
Analysis, & Insight

Use Advanced Reporting, Analytics and Smart Dashboards to gain insights into how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting your organization.

Automated Workflow
Processes and Procedures

Design and enable new Automated Workflow processes, procedures and measures to improve operational efficiency and help safeguard your workforce, customers and communities.

Remote Working
Anytime, Anywhere

Enable home-working with Cloud-based technology that supports your employees from anywhere at any time

Improved Data Security
and Confidentiality

Protect and secure employee confidentiality by segregating and restricting data access and assigning permissions

Applications and their Features

COVID-19 Symptom Check

Ensure the health and safety of your workforce and comply with state and local laws with Dovetail COVID-19 Symptom Check.

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COVID-19 Track

Monitor and Check-in with Isolated and Quarantined Employees with Dovetail COVID-19 Track.

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COVID-19 Trace

Use Dovetail Trace to contact trace, isolate confirmed COVID-19 positive employees, and quarantine all employees exposed to COVID-19, in order to reduce the spread of the virus in your workplace.

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Communications Portal

To enable improved online communications with your organization, while offering ‘self-service’ capabilities, such as instant Knowledge Search, which means employees can get the answers to their questions fast while deflecting emails and phone calls into HR (by more than 50%).


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Live Chat & Guided Bots

An additional real-time communication channel to help you answer your employee questions, which also has the ability to route chats to the right person in HR or the company.

GuideBot allows you to divert employees with questions to the relevant content or team that can handle that question through a chat interface.


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"We were inundated with HR issues related to COVID-19! Dovetail has enabled us to handle this situation without additional resources, even with twice as many questions from employees coming in than before!"
HR Director
Dovetail Education Customer

COVID-19 Contact Tracing & Case Management

Enable central management, monitoring, and control of all coronavirus-related employee questions, requests and inquiries coming into HR utilizing COVID-19 Case Types and Global Labels.

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Knowledge Management

Enable the storing and instant access of your organization’s knowledge, meaning employees and HR personnel can find the right answers to questions quickly and efficiently.


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Dashboard Reporting

Live analytics to monitor and enable complete visibility of HR work and operations

Real Time and drillable Dashboards dedicated to coronavirus cases give your management team instant insight into volumes of cases, associated hot spots, and can include any suspected or confirmed cases along with their geographic location (via the mapping chart).

Take a look at the COVID-19 analytics our customers have found here.

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"The ability to quickly configure our Dovetail system to enable my HR team to react to the incoming questions fast was key! The live dashboard and analytics have become essential for helping us monitor the safety of our global workforce."
Head of HR Services
Global Manufacturing Company

More Features


Mass email communication tool, that improves exchange of information with employees, critical to crisis management.


Monitor who in your organization has been exposed to the coronavirus.

Service Level Agreements

Provides high level monitoring and automated notifications for coronavirus-related incidents, allowing leadership to maintain responsiveness

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